Promoting the Sport of Cowboy Action Shooting

Basic Stages


     This is an illustration of two basic stages that a shooter might encounter. The Targets are usually steel plates that are slanted so bullets ricochet into the ground.
  • The black targets are represent revolver targets
  • The gray targets represent shotgun targets
  • The red targets represent rifle targets
  • The horizontal red line represents the firing line. No one should be downrange from the firing line at any time unless proper safety procedures are followed. 
  • The vertical red broken line represents an imaginary dividing line between stages. Two stages are illustrated here, but there may be several more stages set up along the firing line. 
  • The brown area in the back represents a bullet stop. This is usually an earthen berm or the side of a hill. 
  • The gray tables represent loading tables. Someone is assigned to watch the loading table to verify that guns are loaded correctly for each stage.
  • The red tables represent the firing position. Instead of tables, there may be various types of props built from which to shoot to create an "Old West" feel. A corral fence, an outhouse, a window in a wall, a doorway, etc. 
  • The blue tables represent unloading tables. Someone is also assigned to the unloading table to verify that all guns have been cleared before the shooter leaves the firing line. Loaded guns are ONLY allowed on the firing line.
  • Explaining the Scenarios: Click Here